What are the benefits of XML?

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a popular markup language. It gained this popularity due to the various benefits it offers over other markup languages. These include:

  • Simplicity: XML is very easy to read. It is also easy to understand the information coded in XML.
  • Openness: XML is a W3C standard. Basically, it is defined by the W3C's standards and several other related free open standards.
  • Extensibility: XML is extensible because it has no fixed set of tags. The tags can be defined as needed, making it open for extensible use.
  • Self-descriptive: XML documents are self-descriptive as they do not need special schema set-up like traditional databases to store data. They can be stored without such definitions, because they contain metadata in the form of tags and attributes.
  • Scalable: XML is not in binary format; hence ones can create and edit files with anything. XML is also very easy to debug.
  • Fast access: XML documents are arranged in hierarchical form and hence can be accessed comparatively faster.

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