There are multiple shell types of Unix. What are the features of the Bourne and Korn shell?

A shell is a type of user interface that allows the user to input a command. The shell will then set up that command to be executed. UNIX has various shells, the most popular of them being the Cshell, the Bourne shell, and the Korn shell.

The Bourne shell is the standard shell of Unix. Features of the Bourne shell include:

  • Gives the ability of input/output redirection
  • Provides a built in command set for the creation of shell programs
  • Allows the user to control a job
  • Allows the usage of metacharacters for file name abbreviations
  • The environment can be customized using the shell variables

The Korn shell is an extension of the Bourne shell which is backward compatible. Features of the Korn shell include:

  • A history mechanism with built-in editor that simulates emacs or vi
  • A built-in integer arithmetic
  • Provides string manipulation capabilities
  • Has command aliasing
  • Has arrays
  • Allows the user to control a job

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