What's the hardest part of changing your job?

A lot of people complain that they hate their jobs, or that they feel they are stuck in their jobs, or that they hate their boss/company, or… well, you get the idea. However, only a small percentage of these people actually do something about it, either trying to proactively change the situation, or change their jobs. What is it exactly, that is stopping them from changing their jobs? What are they so afraid of?

Here are some things that can be considered as the hardest part of changing the job:

Deciding what to do

This is one of the hardest things that someone has to face before changing their job. You have to look at the situation, acknowledge that you are unhappy and that you want change. Here, you have to actively take charge and decide that enough is enough and then you have to actually try to change things.

This situation is especially harder for people that are indecisive by nature. Should you say something, do you want to try to salvage the situation by improving conditions here, or do you actually want to change your jobs completely. Change is hard, but you have to actively want change, otherwise it will be ever elusive, resulting in you being stuck in the tedious monotony.

Take the first step

Deciding that you want to change your job is just half the battle; the rest is actually starting in that direction. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, not you must actually take that step. Saying you want to change your job is easy, actually doing it is hard.

Once you have decided that you want to change your job, then you must actually take the steps to change your job. This may include:

Updating your resume and references

While this is often considered the hardest part of the job search, it is not; in fact it is the most hated job, which is why people often mistake it as hardest, primarily because more energy needs to be put into it.

Searching for a job

Once the resume is done, the next step is to start putting yourself out there. You need to start updating your accounts on job search portals, and get in touch with colleagues, references, or head hunters to let them know that you are looking for a change and to let you know if they come across any opportunities.

Going for interviews

Now that you’ve spread the word that you want a new job, you will soon start getting calls for interviews. Then the dance begins. You go to various interviews, try to make them like you and to think of you as a potential candidate; sometimes you succeed, and at others you do not. Depending on your chances, you may get shortlist for a job soon or it may take you a few tries.

Negotiate for benefits and salary

If and when you do get shortlisted, they may make you an offer you cannot refuse. Or they may even make you an offer that you just have to refuse. Now, the game begins. You have to bargain and negotiate for salary and benefits, and you have to be smart about it. You don’t want to end up alienating them by demanding things out of their budget; however, you don’t want to end up being taken advantage of either.

Adjust to a new work environment

If all goes well, you should soon have a new job in hand; hopefully, one that you like more than the old one. However, with this comes another set of challenges, and that is adjustment. You are now leaving behind everyone and everything that you knew (well at least at your old office), and now must set off on an adventure, where you’ll meet new people, and do new things. Hopefully, you’ll like those new people and the new and challenging things, and not end up making new enemies.

Depending on you and what you hate, any one of these or a combination of these can be the hardest part you have to face. However, don’t get discouraged thinking about all these hard tasks that lay ahead of you, instead think about the reward. They say the highest fruit is often the sweetest, which basically means that you need to put more effort in order to get the good things in life. Surely a job you love and actually look forward to in the morning, is something that qualifies as a sweet thing in life, something that you need to put in the hard work for.


Thanks for sharing this and
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Thanks for sharing this and
To know or to get advice regarding career and to know about interview tips and how to crack it you can visit this site
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