Tips to succeed in a Video Interview

It is a changing world out there, and while it was given that an interview would be the traditional one, that is no longer the case. It used to be that after you submitted a resume to the company, they would then call you in and you would sit down and talk to an HR personnel, however this became difficult if you lived in another city, or if you already had a job. It would either mean taking a day off from work for an interview for a job you may or may not get, or travelling to and from the interview locations, often at your own cost. Some companies might be willing to cover the cost of travel, however that only happens sometimes.

Nevertheless it was a necessary evil, as there was no other alternative. Things have changed though. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is possible for people to converse over long distances, even with people who are in other countries, or on other continents. These days not only can they talk to each other, they can see each other as well; hence the rise of phone interviews and video interviews. This also allows interviewers to see and talk to potential candidates without having them come in all the way to the office for an interview. This is also the cheaper alternative, for both parties. This way, the interviewer and the candidate can both gauge whether or not this may be a good fit, without spending too much. If things go well, the candidate can always come in for the second round of interviews.

It should be noted that video interviews are not the same as traditional interviews. It is a different form of medium, which requires a new strategy or tactic to beat. In that regard, here are some tips to succeed or beat a video interview:

Have a good connection:

This should be obvious; one should have a good internet connection in order to have a video conversation. There is nothing more annoying that a video that lags or keeps freezing and buffering. It will get irritating soon enough and will really test the patience of the interviewer. So, always ensure that you have a good internet connection. Perhaps consider doing a test run before hand with a willing friend, to test out the kinks.

Have a good environment:

This might not seem important but it is. Ensure that you are in a quiet and clean environment, where you not likely to be interrupted. Imagine how awkward it will be if your roommate or someone else walks in in the middle of the interview; very unprofessional. Also ensure that the background against which you will be sitting is clean, presentable, and does not show something that you do not want the interviewer to see.

Dress well:

Ensure that you dressed well, because unlike a phone interview, the interviewer will be able to see you (and judge you). So dress as you would for a face to face interview and this means the whole way. It does not matter that only your top half will be visible, you want to ensure that you won’t accidently flash the interview; otherwise you can kiss the job goodbye.  Another benefit of dressing well is that it will make you feel more professional, which will be reflected in your confidence level.

Good camera angle:

Before the actual interview, ensure that the viewing angles on your camera are good; that it is situated at a reasonable distance from you and that you look presentable on the screen. You do not want to be sitting too far away so that the interviewer can barely see you, but you not want to be close enough that the interviewer can see up your nose either.

It is still an interview:

Do not forget and though unconventional, this is still an interview, which means that all the other aspects of an interview, such as posture, language, presence, and the way to answer questions are still applicable. So, brush up on those features as well, and do not slouch, sit up straight, do not fidget, be confident, and give short but informative answer to the questions.


As stated earlier, it would be a good idea to do a practice run with a friend. This will ensure that you can try different locations and settings to see which ones work best, and also for you to get comfortable with a practice interview. Ensure that tech works, that the lighting and camera angles are is good, and that your voice is crisp and clear, and carries well. Ask your friend to run some practice questions with your so that you are comfortable enough to talk on camera and to give you feedback. This will make a tone of different in preparing you for the real interview.


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