Ten Signs You're Interviewing With The Wrong Companies

Ten Signs You're Interviewing With The Wrong Companies

A job can be a great thing. Other than allowing you to earn money and pay your bills, it has the potential of being a positive thing in your life, rather than a negative that sucks your soul in return for paying you money.

A good job, one that is right for you, can be a life altering thing. It can give you purpose and help you achieve your dreams. It helps you develop a career, rather than just be one of the jobs you tried out. However, this is only possible if the both the job and the company that you work for is good and supportive. If not, working a bad job and for the wrong company can stifle your growth and even make you hate your job and your dream career, and that can never be a good thing.

So, how can you know while interviewing that the job and the company you are interviewing for is one of the good ones and not one of the bad ones that you will end up regretting down the line. Here are ten signs to look out for:

1. They don’t value your time

They don’t value your time

If a company makes you wait around for no apparent reason then chances are that they don’t take you or their own employees seriously. Some do it to make themselves appear more important, such as arriving late for an interview might make the candidate think that you were busy with other things or interviewing other candidates, or perhaps they were just late. Chances are that if they are, they are not likely to give you a reason, some won’t even apologize.

Alternately, they may make you wait for no reason what so ever, or you’ll reach the place and you realize that you are one of ten people waiting for your turn to interview, if that happens, then chances that the interviewer and the company don’t value you time and thus won’t actually value. These kinds of companies want an employee, a place holder, rather than a contributing member to their team.

2. They seem disorganized

They seem disorganized

Another sign that they may not be the company you want to work for is that they seem disorganized. If they can’t make it to an interview on time, or can’t find your details or resume, or forget about an appointment, or tell you that they are going to contact you or mail you and then they forget about it. Once or so is okay, they are human as well, but if this appears to be the regular thing, then chances are that they are disorganized and if the company is disorganized then it is not likely to get anywhere. If they can’t manage a simple interview process, how can they be expected to manage a business? Don’t waste your time by hitching your wagon to a losing horse. Instead, look for a company that seems to be on top on their game, and runs like a well oiled machine.

3. They seem disinterested

They seem disinterested

Another cause for concern if during your entire interview process, the interviewer seems disinterest, like they are barely listening to you or are just doing through the motions. This is a red flag as it means that they are not serious about you as a candidate and are just interviewing you as a courtesy, in which case, you shouldn’t waste your time, as they are not likely to hire you. Even if they do call you back or do end up hiring you, they had zero connection with you and may have hired you just because they had to hire somebody, and if they are not interested in you as a person, they are not likely to help you grow. You will just end up becoming one of the faces in the crows at the company, which is not good for you.

4. They try to intimidate you

They try to intimidate you

A major red flag for a company would be if anytime during the interview process they attempt to put you down or try to intimidate you. This could include things such as trying to belittle your qualifications or experience. Or they may instead boast about how many other applicants are there for the job, with the impression that they are better than you.

This is not good, because it serves no purpose. It is a bullying tactic to make you feel inferior, which will only bring you down. Bringing down is counterintuitive for the company. It does not make for a happy or even a productive working environment, instead scared employees are less likely to speak up and express their ideas, which might have helped the company. Instead, the company ends up stuck in a rut with downtrodden employees who cannot perform their best in such an environment.

5. The employees there don’t appear happy

The employees there don’t appear happy

Another cause of concern would be if the employees at the company do not appear happy. Of course, even the best companies not all employees are likely to be happy, but if you majority of the employees seem like they are being forced to be there, then it does not appear to be a good environment to work in.  A workplace should be inviting and even if not happy, at least lively where you can see that ideas are flowing and that people from different departments are interacting. If the other employees are not happy, there are probably significant reasons for that, and for those same reasons, you may not be happy there either, which is not good for mental health.

6. They try to get you to do free work for them

They try to get you to do free work for them

If during the interview process, they ask you to end up doing free work for them, such as coming in and working for a day without compensation, or asking you to attend meeting, or draft things, whatever is relevant for you field, then it shows that they do not take you or your skills seriously. Seeing samples of your work is fine, asking you to do things for them is also fine, that is as long as you are compensated for your time and effort. However, asking you to do things for free shows that they are just in it for freebies, and this may turn into practice for the future, such as asking you to work on projects without credit, asking you to stay back after work and put in more effort without overtime, etc., none of which are good practices for employee retention.

7. They won’t tell you the next steps in the interview process

They won’t tell you the next steps in the interview process

If they won’t tell you the next steps in the interview process, or who you’re supposed to meet, then it may be a cause for concern. In these scenarios, one of two things are possible, they either don’t know themselves, which shows that they are disorganized, or alternately they are trying to be mysterious and secretive, which leads to the question, what are they trying to hide. Both of which are red flags that may hide larger problems, and neither one is good for the employees in the long run.

8. They won’t tell you much about the job, department, or the company

They won’t tell you much about the job, department, or the company

Another red flag could be if they refuse to tell you much job, department, or the company. Things such as what your duties in the role would be or what you are expected to do, who you are to report to, what department will your position fall under, etc. Not wanting to disclose company secrets is understandable, but the job you are applying for can hardly count as secret can it, unless you are applying for a position at a top secret government facility or at an underground supervillian group. Being secretive is a major concern, because like the previous point, it raises the question, what are they trying to hide? And why?

9. You talk to too many people without getting anywhere

You talk to too many people without getting anywhere

If you have done five interviews for the company, but they still haven’t confirm or denied anything, then if may be time to curb your losses. After all, the time and energy you spend wasting here can be spent searching for a better and more supportive job. Clearly if they just keep calling you for interviews without getting anywhere, then they are either unsure about hiring you, are disorganized, don’t know what they want, or are just stinging you along, and don’t actually care about you or your time; none of which are a good sign in a prospective employer and does not make for a good employer-employee relationship.

10. They haggle too much on the salary

They haggle too much on the salary

If you have found a job congratulations, but watch out if they give you a very low offer or if they try to negotiate too much on salaries and benefits. This could be a potential red flag. While it is okay and acceptable for the company to try to save some money, after all it is not cheap to find and hire employees, it is not okay to try to lowball an employee. If they seem too stingy or are really adamant about not giving you the salary you think you deserve, then it could be saying more about them then they intended. It shows that they either don’t respect you and your skills to give you the salary you want, or are just trying to get the cheapest hire possible, neither of which is a good sign.

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