8 Reasons why people hate Mondays

It’s no secret; Mondays are the most annoying day of the week. They are just the worst, and what’s even worse is that you spend the whole day hearing everyone else complain that it’s Monday. Why does everyone hate Mondays, and even more importantly, why does it feel like Mondays hate us?

Believe it or not, there are actual reasons why Monday feels worse than the rest of the week. So, be rest assured that the feeling is not just in your head, and everyone doesn’t just complain about Monday for no reason. There are in fact eight legitimate reasons why Mondays actually suck.

1. Mondays follow Sunday

One of the primary reasons we hate Mondays is that they actually follow Sundays. Therefore, we subconsciously spend Monday comparing it with Sunday. Of course when comparing the dread filled Monday to the relaxing fun Sunday, Monday will always loose. Hence, we spend the whole day nostalgically looking back at what we had (::cough:: time to ourselves ::cough::) rather than having to spend it doing work that we may or may not like, and interacting with people we may or may not like.

2. The Week Begins

Similarly, Mondays also suck because they are the first day of the working week, hence they are a constant reminder that the weekend is done and now you have to get back to the grueling grind that is life. This of course means the day to day routine that most if not all of us hate.

3. You’re tired

Another reason you might be hating on Monday is because your body still hasn’t recovered from the weekend. This could be because you slept late on Sunday and you haven’t gotten your rest, which is why your body is still tired and not able to keep up with all you need to do. Another reason could be that you are enjoying your weekends a little too much. While, weekends are for fun, it could be that you are partying too much and your body is still reeling from the alcohol and the late nights.

4. Monotony

Going back to work after partying and enjoying your weekend, really makes you realize the monotony of it all. If your week is the same in and same out each week, it could be boring you to death. Even when you are used to putting up with it, the monotony will be put in stark contrast when placed right next to the fun and enjoyable weekend.

5. Hectic start to the week

Since, you are already dreading going back to work, you tend to put it off, which means, sleeping late, after all going to sleep on Sunday night means that the weekend is officially over. Therefore, you can’t wake up in the morning, and keep hitting snooze on your alarm. Now, you are late to wake up and have to rush to get ready; then you have to run because you are going to be late to the office. Additionally, there is bound to be traffic on the highway or rush in the trains/buses, because every other person also went through the same morning routine as you. Now everyone is rushing to the office and everyone is annoyed and cranky, and nobody reaches the office happy; all the while blaming things on Monday.

6. It’s a long way to Friday

Monday is the first day of the week, which means that the weekend is over and that you have to get through a whole working week until you get to the next weekend. Five whole days of dealing with work, annoying colleagues, and demanding clients until you can take a breath again on the weekend. This of course is even worse if you actually work Saturdays as well, which means that you have to live through six days of hell in order to finally get to Sunday, so that you can breathe.

7. Will work for Money

Mondays in itself are not bad; it is what they actually mean to us that sucks. It reminds us that this is life, going through five (or six) days of hardship until we have a moment to ourselves, to do what we like or enjoy. We spend the week working for someone else, sure they pay us, but it can’t change the fact that the time spent is not for us or for our own benefit, but rather just an attempt to make ends meet; i.e. to pay the bills.

If you actually like your job then Mondays may not be so bad. Believe it or not, there are people that wake up looking forward to work and who actually enjoy their work. For these people Mondays are not something to dread, but a new opportunity to achieve something new. However, sadly, for most people this is not the case. If you are someone who really dreads Monday, try to find out why. Is it just the normal Monday Blues or is it something more? If you are really unhappy with your job, perhaps look into changing your job or even your career to something you enjoy. Because your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t spend it dreading the days, but rather doing something you like, something that makes you happy.

8. Misery loves company

Or it could be that you don’t actually hate Mondays at all but rather you have been deceived into hating it. On any Monday, just look around you. You are surrounded by people with gloomy faces, who are all jugging down coffee non-stop and the only small talk you hear about is people boasting about what they did on the weekend and how they wish they could be doing that now. Basically, it’s a chorus of “I hate Mondays” or “Monday’s suck.” This is a classic case of herd mentality, where you believe something just because everyone around you does. Could it be you just hate Monday, because you are just picking on what everyone else around you feels? Do they even truly hate Mondays?

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