7 Tips to Land a Better Job

Finding a job is hard enough these day, and finding a good job that meets all your requirements, and is basically your dream job, nearly impossible. Or at least it seems to be. Hence, we often say yes to the first company who offers us a job and pray that it won’t suck the soul right out of us. And even if it does, we are told to be and we often are grateful to have a job that helps us pay our bills.

Still, what if there was a way, a magical, mysterious way, that could help us land, well not out dream job (because to be honest, it doesn’t exist, as well all have unrealistic expectations), but something close to it. Or at least something better that the one we currently have?

Is it possible, you wonder? How can it be done, you ask? Well, simply by following these seven tips:

1. It’s all about contact

The right company with the right job will not magically appear looking for you when you want a job. Hence, you need to be in the market already. You need to know the right people who can let you know when a great job opportunity comes along, and even possibly be able to get you through the door. In order for this to happen, you need contacts, insiders, informants, whatever you want to call them. Basically, you need to network. Build a supportive team around you that works in the industry you are working, or want to work. Try to get to know people, who know people who will get you through the door.

2. Cold Calling Works

Networking is tiring, and sometimes annoying. However, it is necessary. In addition to knowing people, you should also consider cold calling. What this means, is that you should start contacting companies in which you would like to work, or people you would like to work with, regardless of whether or not they are currently hiring. Let them know that you are looking for a job, and that you will be interested if an opportunity arises. Build a rapport with them so that you will be the first person they will call when an opening does present itself.

3. Dress well

This might seem simple or obvious, but you’ll be surprise the impact of dressing well, and also how many people underestimate the value of it. Have you heard of the adage, dress for the job you want, not the one you have? Well, it exists for a reason. Do not underestimate the impact a good outfit and presentation can have. It is a key for first impressions, and it can decide on the spot whether or not the person would be interested in hiring you. In addition to dressing well, try to dress slighter cooler than everyone else. Your appearance should be eye catching but not loud. Also pay attention to hygiene; you do not want to smell when you walk past the interviewer or manger. Basically try to smell good at all times.

4. Apply for the job you like, not the job you think you should have

As previously noted, it may be possible that your ideal job, your dream job, or whatever you want to call it, does not exist. It may be possible that you have created such as high ideal in your mind that nothing in real life can complete with it. After all, everything cannot be perfect can it? So, instead of focusing on that ideal, focus on realistic aspects; highlight what about you like about your dream job, what aspects of it apply to you, now find the most realistically aspect closest to it, and go for it. Apply for the job that sounds interesting, that you would like yourself as, don’t get hung up on ideals or what society thinks your ideal job is.

5. Don’t discuss your resume, instead use your interview time to engage your interviewer

Discussing your resume is a waste of time. You have already mailed in your resume weeks ago, so you can assume that the hiring manager, or recruiter, or interviewer must have done their job and read it. After all they wouldn’t have called you in if they didn’t like what they see on it. So, don’t waste your and their time by going over it again. Instead try to engage your interviewer, show them who you are as a person and why they should hire, what work experience you have. At least try to relate that experience to the company you are applying for and tell them why that experience would help them. Try to have a conversation with them, not unlike a first date, after all both of you are trying to find out if this is interesting enough to continue seeing each other, and turn this into something semi-permanent. Relating to them on a person level will also ensure that they will remember you and you won’t just be one of the faces that they saw today.

6. Be organized – Do your research, know the company

Despite all of this, nobody is going to hire you if you are not organized, or if you don’t know what you are talking about. So, do your research; be prepared for anything. Know what you are talking about. Look into the company, what are they doing? What are they interested in? What type of employees do they hire? How can you benefit such a company? Also, don’t ever be late to a meeting, whether it is an interview or just a casual meet and greet.

7. Don’t be eager or a kiss ass. Be cool.

The title here speaks for itself. Whether it the interview, or you are cold calling the company, or trying to build a rapport with someone, don’t be too eager, don’t scare them off. Think again of this as a first date, you want to be interesting, you want to be flattering, but you don’t want to intimidating, or come on too strong, otherwise they will run out of there faster that you can say, but wait. Instead go slow, test the waters, and be cool. You want them to be interested in you, you want to get their attention, you want them to pursue you, you want to be the person they can hang out with after work, or grab a drink with. So you need to find the balance in between being the cool dude but still maintain professionalism.


Iwant tobe just thewenaer

Iwant tobe just thewenaer

Iwant tobe just thewenaer

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