7 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

You walk into an interview all nervous and agitated. You’ve been anticipating this interview for days now, getting more nervous as each day progresses. However, you are now relieved that you are done, and you think you did well; but the interviewer didn’t laugh when you said that funny thing, and smiled a little when you said that unfunny thing. What does it mean? Did you actually do as good job as you thought with the interview? Great, now you are just going to keep replaying the interview over and over again in your mind and drive yourself crazy.

We’ve all been there, we go in for the interview a bit nervous, and somehow come out of it even more nervous than we were going in. Even if you think the interview went well, there is no way of knowing whether the interviewer thought the same thing, and what the interviewer thinks is the most important thing, isn’t it.

So, how can you tell if your interview went well? Here are 7 signs you can look out for:

1. The interview ran long

Interviewers are usually on a tight schedule. They often have interviews scheduled back to back, and meet dozens of people a day; which is why they can immediately tell whether or not the person sitting in front of them is a worthy candidate or not. Hence, if they just ask you a few cursory questions and send you on your way, chances do not look good for you. However, if they happen to spend more time that they originally intended with you, then chances are that you have their attention and things are going well.

2. The interview felt more like a conversation

A typical interview is the interviewer asking questions, and you answering them. However, if the interview felt less like a Q & A round and more like a conversation between colleagues discussing work or even personal life, then chances are that the interview went well. It indicated that the person was genuinely interested in you and was actually enjoying the conversation, and enough for the interview to actually run over time.

3. They ask about other job prospects

During the interview, you may be asked about other job prospects, including whether or not you have interviewed at other companies, for what positions, and whether or not you have heard back from them. While you don’t actually have to answer the questions, the fact that they are asked says a lot about their interest in you. The fact that they are asking says that they want to gauge how in demand are you and what is the risk that they will lose you to a competitor. The only reason they would be interested in this knowledge, would be because they are interested in you.

4. You are asked to come in for a second round of interviews or meet other prominent people

Typically at the end of the interview, you are told that someone from the company will be in touch and are sent on your way. This is not necessarily a dismissal, and you may actually get a call asking you to come in for the second round of interviews. However, if you are asked to come in for the second round even before you officially finish your first round, then it is a very good sign. This means that they like you enough already to move you along to the next round. Additionally, it is an even better sign if they ask you to meet a colleague or other people in the company, such as a manager, supervisor, or a department head. After all, why would they waste their time as well if they weren’t interested?

5. You are asked for references

Asking for and confirming references are usually part of the last few steps of the hiring process. In fact, the only reason they do it is to ensure that there are no red flags regarding you that they may have missed. Hence, if they are asking you about your references during your first interview, then chances are that they are interested in you and might possibly be looking to fast track your hiring process.

6. The interviewer discusses details about the job or salary

If the interviewer is not sure about you or is still trying to gauge your strengths then chances are that they won’t actually discuss details about the company or the job with you. After all, why would they want to share private internal information about the company to an outsider? So if during the interview, they casually start discussing details about the company, the department, the job, or the projects you would be required to work on, then they must be seriously considering you for the position, and they might even possibly be trying to sell the job to you to increase your interest in the position. Similarly, if they start discussing salary then they may also be even more interested, as salary and benefits are typically one of the last details to be hashed out.

7. The interviewer asks you to call or e-mail with questions

If at the end of the interview, the interviewer hands you his business card and asks you to call or e-mail with question, then your prospects look good. While it may be standard procedure at some companies, they are usually not obliged to do so. Try to gauge what the interviewer is saying when they is handing you their card and how sincere is their gesture. What’s even better? If they give you their direct phone number or e-mail, rather than the department’s.

These are just some of the signs that may indicate that the interview went well. Of course, sadly, there may be times that you may tick every one of these 7 signs and yet for some reason may not get the job, or it may be that you don’t show any of these signs, yet still manage to land the job. Life and interviews are fickle that way. But, hopefully your interview would have or will go well.


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