What is data control language?

What is data control language?

Data control language (DCL) is a type of syntax that is similar to a computer programming language. It is primarily used to control access to data stored in a database. It is a component of SQL.

DCL is primarily used to control privilege in a Database. It defines the tasks that a user is allowed to perform, such as creating tables, sequences or views. Privileges can be of two types: System Privileges: allow the creating of a session, table, etc.; and Object Privileges: any command or query that work on tables.

DCL is used in collaboration with Data definition language (DDL) and the Data manipulation language (DML). It may include CONNECT, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXECUTE, and USAGE.

Two common examples of DCL include GRANT which allows specified users to perform specified tasks, and REVOKE which cancels previously granted or denied permissions.

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