What Types of Testing is Specifically Important for Web Testing?

Web Testing is an important aspect of developing any web application. It is responsible for checking for any potential bugs  

There are many different types of web testing, including:

Functionality Testing – To check the functionality of all the links in web pages, database connection, the forms for submitting or getting information from user in the web pages, cookies, etc.

Usability testing – To check that all the navigations, such as web pages, as well as controls like buttons and boxes and how the user uses the links on the pages to surf different pages. Also, to check the content for spelling, grammar, and even for color and layout. Also checks for search option, sitemap, help files, etc.

Interface testing – Primarily to check if all the all the servers are executed and errors are handled properly, including for web server and application server interface, as well as Application server and Database server interface.

Compatibility testing – To check for browser compatibility, operating system compatibility, mobile browsing, printing options, performance testing, and security testing.

Performance testing – To check that the web application performs well and is able to handle the heavy load. Includes Web Load Testing and Web Stress Testing

Security testing – To check that the web application is secure and as it the data that it collects and stores.

Of these Performance Testing and Security Testing are of specific importance for web testing. This is because, unlike desktop applications, web applications are open to the world and will be simultaneously used by thousands of people. Hence, load testing and stress testing are important. It is also important that the web application have adequate security in order to survive the all forms of attacks, mostly DDOS that it may be faced with.

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