What is Software Testing?

In the simplest words, software testing is the process of testing the software. It is the process of ensuring that the program or application runs smoothly and does not have any bugs in it. In order to do this, software testing primarily consists of executing the program over and over again, to ensure that it executes flawlessly. The program must also be executed in a variety of different scenarios to ensure that it performs in those conditions.

In case it doesn’t. The second aspect of software testing is to report the bugs that may pop up and affect the functionality of the program or application. In fact, software testing has the following functions:

  • To ensure that the program works and get the desired result
  • To ensure that it meets the business and technical requirements
  • To ensure that it can be implemented with the same characteristic
  • To ensure that responds correctly to all kinds of inputs
  • To ensure that performs its functions within an acceptable time
  • To ensure that it is usable
  • To ensure that it can be installed and run in its intended environments

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