What is backbone network?

What is backbone network?

A backbone network is a part of computer network. Its primary purpose is to connect various pieces of network together, thus providing a way for these different segments to communicate and transfer information. A backbone network is what allows for the exchange of information between different LANs or subnetworks.

It can be said that a backbone is a type of transmission line that carries data gathered from the smaller lines that connect to it.

Typically, a backbone network’s capacity is greater than the networks connected to it, which can include various different networks in the same building, in different buildings in a campus environment, or over wide areas. 

One example of a backbone network is the Internet backbone, which allows information to be shared over the internet.

Types of backbone network :

Serial Backbone: Serial backbone is formed when two or more devices are connected in a daisy chain (serial connection). The number of devices that can be connected in this is limited and hence it is not very scalable.

Distributed Backbone: In a distributed backbone network, the number of devices are connected to single or multiple connectivity devices. The connectivity devices can be switches, hubs or routers. Since more devices can be added to this, distributed backbone networks are easily scalable, so they are often preferred by large networks.

Collapsed Backbone: In collapsed backbone network, a single router or switch is connected to multiple local networks. The benefit of such a network is that everything can be managed from a single location. But it is also highly risky, as, if the central device fails, the whole network will crash.

Parallel Backbone: It is similar to collapsed backbone. This also has a central device, but it will have a duplicate connection when there is more than one router or switch. By having duplicate connections it ensures the network availability at any time and ensures that the network is running at high speed. The drawback of this network is that it is costly to implement since a duplicate connection is required.

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