Define LAN, MAN and WAN

LAN, MAN and WAN are three different types of networks that can be used to connect computer systems.

LAN - Local Area Network

In a local area network, the computer and network devices that are connected together are usually located in a small local area, typically within an office or a single building. The speed on these networks is usually higher, hence providing faster and more efficient networking.  

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

In a metropolitan area network, the network is usually more spread out than a LAN. Here it could be a larger local area, like an office complex, or a few buildings, or even a city block. The speeds are usually slower than LANs as there is more ground to be covered, however the actual speed depends on various factors.

WAN - Wide Area Network

Unlike the other two, a wide area network is not restricted to a geographical location. The location was be as wide or as located as the network specifications require. A WAN can connect various different LANs in its network. Additionally, it can be private or a publicly accessible network. Comparatively, WAN is very high speed but expensive. The internet is an example of a WAN.

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