Why have you had so many jobs?

If you have had a few jobs, especially in a short duration of time then you must expect this question, and be prepared for it. In fact, the worst thing you can do is not have an answer for this, which is worse than even having an answer that is not good.

If you are fresher or a recent graduate, then the answer is simple just say something along the lines of that you were trying out new things to see which fit you best. It doesn’t matter much at this stage of your career as for all purposes there is no career to speak of. And it is better to try out new things to find out what suits you rather than be stuck in a position you don’t like. Plus every new thing is a new experience that is bound to teach you something new. Skills that the new company might take advantage of.

The trick here is to ensure that the interviewer does not think that this job is yet another thing you are trying. It is expensive to hire an employee and train them, so you are unlikely to get the job if the interviewer thinks you are not serious about it. Hence, reiterate the things you learned from your previous jobs, and explain how you think you have finally found the right position, i.e. this position for yourself, and how excited you are about that possibility.

Now, if you are not a fresher or a recent graduate, then things are a little tougher. Under no circumstance should you say that you were trying out new things, this just makes you look flaky and makes the interviewer think that you don’t know what you want. So what should you say instead? If the jobs were temporary, such as internships or freelancing or contract work, or consultancy, then be sure to mention that.

However, if they were not and you genuinely left jobs after short durations, then explain why you felt you had to. Don’t complain or blame your previous employers. As part of the management, the interviewer is bound to take their side, against you. Instead just mention that you felt it was a bad fit and you are now looking for something more up your alley. Make sure to focus less on the why and more on the different experiences you gained in the meanwhile. Also, reiterate how this time will be different and you are sure to stick around. If you can’t convince the interviewer of this, and the interviewer thinks that you are bound to leave sooner rather than later, then you can kiss this job goodbye.

Sample Answer:

In the last two years, I have had two different jobs. I did not feel that I fit in the company culture.  I joined the first job hastily right out of college without considering what I actually wanted, whereas in the second job I knew what I wanted but I did not think that I was being valued at the company or that my ideas were being utilized. Instead of becoming just a place holder, I felt that it would be better for both me and the company to find something that was a better fit, which I think this company and this position would be. According to my research, this company has a reputation for listening to their employees and making sure they get what they need to excel and in turn help grow the company. Hence, I am very excited to work here.


Bhaut aachha laga hame..is company ke bare m.

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