What makes you angry?

Some questions are tricky to answer because you don’t know what the interviewer wants to hear. It may even feel like there is no right answer to a question and that the only reason the interviewer asks such a question it to either humiliate you, or to get an excuse not to hire you. While it may seem that way, there usually is a method to the madness.

“What makes you angry?” is one such question which may seem pointless. However, the interviewer is asking the question to find out more about you. He wants to see who you are as a person, and what makes you tick, especially what makes you angry. By asking this question the interviewer wants to find out if your anger and other emotions will affect the way you do your job. In addition to what makes you angry, the interviewer is more interested in what you do and how you handle the situation when you do get angry.

In answering the question, you need to be honest. The answer in any case should not be ‘nothing’. Anger is a human emotion and everyone gets angry sometimes. Lying will immediately show that you are lying, or that you think the interviewer is an idiot, or that you are not self-aware at all.

So, be honest. Also follow up that question with an example of a situation where you did get angry, as well as how you handled that situation.  However, keep the answer limited to work, and whatever you do, do not get angry while taking about the incident with the interviewer. This will show your inability to let go of things.

Example of an Answer:

I try to control my anger and do not let things get on my nerves, however as a human, there are times when things do annoy me. It really annoys me when people do not do meet deadlines, however I have realized that there is usually a reason due to which they could not complete their work. There was one an incident at my previous work. One of my team members would often hand in this part of the project late. After a few times it happened, we as a team approached him, turns out he didn’t have access to software that would have sped up his work considerably. After we talked it out, we got him the access and we never had another issue since. I’m glad that I didn’t get angry at him as it wasn’t really his fault.

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