What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

During an interview, you may be asked what the difference between confidence and over confidence is. You may also be asked something regarding why confidence is important or necessary, or what does overconfidence mean to you? The purpose of this question is to gauge your temperament, to see what kind of a person are you.

The interviewer is looking to see where you draw the line between confidence and over confidence. In order to give this answer, you need to understand the difference yourself. Confidence is believing in yourself and knowing your own value. It is being comfortable with who you are as a person.

Over confidence is when you go overboard with your confidence. A person who is overconfident may over estimate their skill, abilities, and value. It is when they are unrealistic in their beliefs and think that they can do anything, even if it is impossible.

A confident person will accept themselves as they are, faults and all. An over confident person will believe that they have no faults and that they alone know what is best. An over confident person will never ask for help, and will never work well in a team, because they may believe that no one else can possibly know more than them or do something better than them.

You can also say something catchy like:

  • Confidence is "I can do it"; over-confidence is "ONLY I can do it".
  • Confidence is the right estimation of my skills; over-confidence is extra estimation of my skills.
  • Confidence is being proud of your accomplishments; over-confidence is having pride.

Basically, confidence is going into this interview feeling nervous but being sure that you’ll perform well since you’ve prepared well. However, over confidence is going in being sure that you’ll get the interview without doing any real preparation.


I feel like confidence is when you know who you are and what you want. Confidence is to believe in yourself, to know what you can do and what you can’t. It is to take a gauged risk, all the while taking other people’s advice. Over-confidence is when you disregard the advice of your superiors or take decisions without having all the facts in hand. Basically, confidence is when you present an idea to your manager; over-confidence is when you go ahead and implement the idea without first addressing it with your manager.

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