What are your career options right now?

Let’s be honest here, the interviewer doesn’t actually care about your career options. However, what the interviewer really cares about is whether or not you have any, i.e. they want to see how desperate are you? If you have great career aspects then the company may think that you are a great catch, as you are in demand. It also means that the company will have to be competitive and offer you a great package and benefits in order to get you to sign with them. However, if you don’t then they may think that you are either not good at your job, or that you are desperate, which means that they can renegotiate your asking salary.

Hence, as you can see there is no option of you saying that your career options are limited, even if that is the truth. If you have options available to you, then great, congratulations. You should let the company know that as it will increase your value. However, if your options are limited, then this is the ideal case where you should consider embellishing or exaggerating the truth.  Or, straight up lie, albeit believably.

Your answer should make it seem that you are a hot commodity, one that everyone is vying to get their hands on. Talk about your skills and the benefits that you bring to the table. You have to let them know why you would be a great candidate. If you are currently working, then highlight the possibilities at your present company and how you’re greatly appreciated there. Let them know why you want to change, i.e. you are looking to transition to a bigger firm with more opportunities, etc. Maybe hint that you are exploring positions at other companies, maybe their direct competitors. This will really amp up your value.

However, if you not working, or don’t have any offers from other companies, focus on your skills and benefits. Hint at other companies that you have interviewed at, even if you have been rejected, though possibly don’t mention that. At times, just the fact that you interviewed at a renowned company may up your value, as it shows that you are skilled enough that they were interested enough to interview you.

The focus here is not so much on what you say. The idea is to just come across as confident with what you are saying. You need to market yourself to show your value, while also showing off your marketing skills, which are a plus in any job. One point to keep in mind is that the answer should be possible and be delivered in a positive tone, even if what you are saying isn’t necessarily that positive. Also ensure that you don’t come across as boasting or haughty; you need to appear humble while still tooting your own horn.

Example of an Answer:

I have been approached by a couple of other companies. However, I am really interested in joining this company. I feel like this opportunity offers me a large scope to grow within the organization, and puts me on a fast track to reach leadership position.

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