Tell me something about our company

This is a straight forward question, or rather a statement. There is no trick or hidden subtext in this question. The interviewer wants to know what you know about the company, which is fair. If you want to work for a company, you should know something about the company. The interviewer wants to make sure that they are not just another company on the list to which you submitted your resume. They want to ensure that you actually want to work at this company, and not at any company willing to hire you, even if it is true.

Don’t try to give a vague answer, or worse make up something. This will make the interviewer think that you are not prepared for the interview and that you don’t have any interest in the company itself. Instead try to focus on some definite points about the firm that you do know about. Talk about specific people and include specific facts and figures, or at least make broad statements which may be true, such as a lively workplace, etc. However, under no circumstance are you allowed to say “I don’t know.”

That being said, there is no way that you can answer this question without being prepared beforehand. Before going for the interview, you need to do your research about the company, and the key people involved in the company’s management. Note a couple of points that you can utilize to show your knowledge about the company, even if the interviewer doesn’t ask for it. This will really impress them and show that you are dedicated as well as prepared.

Also, try to lead the answer back to you to show how and why you would love to work in this company, and why the company should hire you. Hence, this question can be used to promote yourself and help you stand apart from the rest of the interviewers.

Sample Answer:

I love how this company is a market leader that is always trying to innovate the market. I was really impressed with the way that the interim CEO, Mr. Smith acquired the XYZ department of the XYZ Company, despite the board of directors being apprehensive about the acquisition. Not only did Mr. Smith quell their doubts but also acquired a great asset for the company. I would love to work in a company where such bold moves are welcome, where they don’t let doubt hold you back and are willing to try new things. I really think I would thrive in such an environment.

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