Looking back on your last position, have you done your best work?

This is another one of those questions that have hidden meanings. Instead of being interested in what it is actually asking, the question is more interested in finding out more about you as a person and as an employee. Of course, like in most of these questions, you cannot actually answer yes or no.

In this question, if you say yes, then it indicates that you are either condescending or that you have already given your best, which means that there is no capacity for you to improve in. Hence, you have just lost the interest of the interviewer. However, if you say no, that shows that you are in the habit of not giving it your all or not giving one hundred percent in what you do, in turn implying that you are not dedicated. Hence, you’ve just lost the interest of the interviewer.

So, what do you? You don’t give a definite answer. Say, neither yes or no; instead talk about how you feel that you did do everything you thought you could, and that you tried to give your 100 percent. But then go on to mention that despite of that, there is always a chance to improve and to learn more; and that you would be grateful for that chance here in this company and at this position.

It would be better if you support your answer with examples of successful tasks or projects you undertook. Try to highlight your skills and achievements. Mention any commendations you may have received for your work. Try to show that you have done good work and that you will continue to do good work. The target here is to make them want to hire you.

However, try not to seem like you are boasting about your skills or achievements; nor that you are pleading them to hire you. Your answer should be neutral and should seem like you are just stating the facts. Remember, the target here it to make them think that you are awesome and they should want to hire you.

Sample Answer:

I like to think that I did, in fact I was voted Most Dedicated Employee for the month of January. Despite of that I think that one always has the scope to improve and learn new things. Similarly, I think that I also have the scope to learn new skills and improve myself. I am always trying to do just that, learn and improve; and that is something I would love the chance to do here if you’d allow me.

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