How do you feel about reporting to a younger person? Or a woman?

Under no circumstances should the answer here be I would prefer not to. Say this, and kiss the job goodbye. This question is likely to only come up if your superior or manager is likely to be younger to you. However, what you say will say more about your character than you realize. Hence, if you do have a problem reporting to someone younger than you, you cannot let that show. If you do really feel that there is no way that you can report to a younger person, then you have the right to decline the job if and when you are offered it.

In the meanwhile, how should you answer this question? Firstly, do not try to show any surprise on your face if you are asked this question. Facial expressions and body language are a dead giveaway of how you really feel. Next, indicate that you do not have any problem working under someone younger. Continue this by stating something along the lines of each person is unique and has unique skills which make them grow and succeed and that age has nothing to do with it.

Keep in mind what you are saying and the tone you are using. It is very easy to sound rude or insincere, and the interviewer may just take offense at something you say or the manner you say it in. Ensure that you don’t sound like you are putting up with working with a younger person, or that you’ll manage somehow, as that is not something the interviewer will be please with. You have to make it seem like you genuinely don’t care about it.

You can also mention something along the lines of you respect the company where someone is hired and promoted on the basis of skill and merit rather than on the basis of seniority and that you would love to work for a company who acknowledges their employee’s skills and supports them in further endeavors.

Sample Answer:

Of course not, a superior is a superior and age (or gender) has nothing to do with it. The person must have reached that position because they have skills and experience, and I absolutely look forward to working with them and learning from them.

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