How could you have improved your career progress?

In asking this question the interviewer wants to see your capability of being objective. They want to see whether looking back you have regrets, or can you see patterns to see how you could have improved to get better results; probably something that they want you to do in your job.

It is okay to be honest here, and the answer would depend on your own life and perspective. Talk about real examples. If you do think that you could have done something differently in your life, talk about it. However, focus on your professional life only. Avoid talking about your personal like or regrets.

Don’t focus on just the regrets in your like. You don’t even have to talk about your deepest regrets. You can instead focus on something superficial. List what it is and why do you think of it as something you would like to change. Talk about how you think your life would be different if you had done it differently.

However, don’t talk about it in a negative manner. It shouldn’t feel like a real regret or something that you are hung up on, as the interviewer might feel like it might hamper your performance. Also note that it shouldn’t be something that is directly related to your field or the job you’re a applying for. Such as I wish I had studied something else in college, or I shouldn’t have gotten into this field. The interviewer will never hire you if they feel like you don’t actually like your job or the field you are working in.

Round off your answer by saying that perhaps it was all for the best, because…point out something positive that happened because of it or how you have learned from it, and how you preserved. This will show that you don’t feel negatively about it and can be used to highlight your skills and accomplishments. You can also say something like how you are constantly struggling for progress and the entire career is a journey where you learn and strive to achieve progress and greatness. 

Sample Answer:

Even though I feel that each and every decision I made is what has brought me here and made me into the person I am today, there is one thing that I think I could have done differently. The first ever job I took, I took hastily as I was excited at my prospects. Instead I should have waited to see if that was what I really wanted. Though I do feel that the job has since helped me realize that, so I suppose in the long run, it was for the better.

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