Have you considered starting your own business?

The question is pretty straight forward, and it doesn’t really matter if you answer yes or no, as long as you say the truth. The ideal answer here should be no and that you aren’t interested in opening your own business, and the reason why. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t say yes to the question. If you have thought about opening your own business, then it is ok to say so, however, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t talk about how you’d love to be your boss someday.

It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as after you’ve answered the question, the interviewer shouldn’t be left with the impression that you’d love to start your own business someday. It may make it seem like you don’t like working in a job or to work for somebody else. This would make you a liability, as you would be likely to leave your position at any time in order to pursue your own thing. Hence, it would make them question whether they should hire you and invest into training you when you may just leave them when the opportunity presents itself.

The idea behind the question is to see whether or not you are a type of person who would like to work at a job and work under somebody else, something you will never be satisfied of if you have entrepreneurship on the mind. The question also attempts to gauge whether or not you will be a good team player and be invested in pursuing the company’s goals and helping it grow. If you are already considering that you will leave this company and start your own company someday, then you may not care about the company and its goals, and may not even give it your 100 percent.

Hence, even if you are saying yes, you need to frame the answer in such as manner as to show that you have considered it but are not serious about it, or that you don’t plan on it for a long time, or that you have thought about it but it is not feasible, hence you want to get a job and work in it for at least a few years. Or perhaps just take the safer route and say no, and your reasons for it. Ensure that your reasoning here doesn’t make it seem like you have no goals, objectives, or ambitions.

Sample Answer:

I did consider it once, but I realized that I tend to work best in a structured environment with well-defined goals. Plus I think that I can better utilize my skills to help develop another business or company, such as this one, instead of focusing my skills and energy into a venture that according to statistics is highly likely to fail.

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