Give me an example of your creativity

While this question may or may not arise in your interview, it is better to prepare for it beforehand. If in case the interviewer does ask this question, and you are not prepared or if you take some time to think about it before answering, it may seem like you can’t remember a single time you were creative, or that you are not creative at all. So, it is better to prepared rather than the alternative.

Also keep in mind that the interviewer is not asking about your personal interests or hobbies. What they are interested in are your analytical skills, problem solving skills, observational skills, etc. Basically, your creativity and your example of it should have something to do with your job and the work you will be required to do. If you think you can use your hobby to prove a creative skill which will be useful in your job, then do go ahead and use it; for example, your art or photography to show dedication and eye for detail. However, if you are unsure, then it is better to lean on the safer side.

Don’t overthink it, the answer need not prove your ability to change the world, and neither does the interviewer expect it to. If they were looking for a candidate whose every idea was a system shaker, then they will be looking for a long time. Your answer should be practical and applicable.

What your answer is doesn’t really matter as long as it shows that you can think in a crisis, be able to identify a problem, and come up with solutions in order to try to solve the said problem. Think of a time where things were stuck and you helped move them along, or where your suggestion saved the company some time or money. If you can’t think of an example, it is okay to embellish or exaggerate a little, as long as it is believable, and based somewhat in truth.

Example of an Answer:

On the day of our opening a new store, there was an electrical surge in the area, and our store blew a fuse. There was no way to fix it in time, and it was too late to postpone the opening, so instead I instructed my team to buy candles and lamps. By placing them in strategic locations within the store, we create mood lighting. People loved it and actually though that we had done it on purpose. Needless to say, the opening was a success.

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