Explain how you would be an asset to this organization

The goal here is quite clear. The interviewer is straight up asking you to sell yourself. What the interviewer wants to know is how will you be valuable to the company, what skills do you bring to the table, and why should they hire you. Basically, why should they hire you over other candidates; what makes you so unique?

This question is a straight forward invitation for you to market yourself. Hence you should take advantage of it. Highlight your skills, talk about what makes you valuable to the company, what are the benefits of hiring you, etc. Try to be honest and avoid giving generic answers like ‘I am a hardworking employee who will give their best.’ You can say this, but keep in mind that they have already heard it 10 times today, so personalize your answer, by adding your individual skills and traits to your response.

Even before going into the interview, you should have some points prepared that highlight your skills, as well as address why they should hire you and why you want to join the position and company. If you have these prepared then consider yourself prepared for more than half your interview. These few points can literally be reworked to address half the questions that the interviewer will ask. These are also a good back up to half in case you get stuck at any point in the interview. You can always refer back to these points, or incorporate them into your answer.

In regard to this question, i.e. how would be an asset to this organization, keep in mind the job and the company. Highlight the skills which you think will be most important to the company, and the one that will help you the most in succeeding at the job. Look for what you think the company will like, and what the interviewer would like to hear. Mold your answer around that. You can also try to support you answer with an example of a situation that shows those skills in action.

Sample Answer:

The job primarily focuses on sales and I have 5 years of experience heading the sales department of XYZ Company. As we were a medium sized company, the sales department also handled marketing for the firm. Hence, I have garnered some experience in that department, which I think can very useful in this job.

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