Describe your ideal company, location and job

This is a pretty straight forward question, and your answer should equally be straight forward. Be honest with yourself and with the interviewer. What is your ideal company, location and job? What do you look for? What will you compromise on? You should know these before going into the interview. You should also evaluate beforehand, to what extent does this job and the company meets that ideal. Is it close to what you were looking for? If it differs too much, maybe reconsider applying there, as you may be unhappy in the long run. If you do apply, what makes you want to settle for this, and is it really worth it?

Only when these things are clear in your own mind, will you be able to give a coherent answer to the interviewer. However, keep in mind that the interviewer doesn’t actually care what your ideal company, location and job is. What the interviewer wants to know is whether or not this company and position meets that. They want to make sure that you can don’t come in with unreal expectations, which will eventually lead you to feel disheartened and possibly lead you to leave the job and company. As the company will invest a significant amount of time and money to train you, they want to make sure this does not happen.

So while you should be honest, you should also be practical. Don’t say that you want to be an astronaut and work on the moon, when you are interviewing for a position in sales. Also try to frame your answer in a way that matches the position and the company you are interviewing for. You don’t have to describe that particular job or company, but do try to mold your answer so that it overlaps with the description of this company and position. You also don’t have to be too detailed in your description; it is ok to give a somewhat vague answer, as long as it is not too vague, which may make it seem that you don’t know what you want.

Try to give an answer that will highlight how this job and company would fit within your ideal. Maybe support your answer with an example. You can also reiterate your enthusiasm for the opportunity to work at this job and company.

Example Answer:

I feel like I would really thrive in a company that offers my ample team building opportunities, and in a job that really utilizes my creativity and problem solving skills. I love to feel challenged and am always on the lookout for a puzzle to solve, which I think this position will provide me with. I would also love it if that company was located close to my house; however I know that that is not practical, especially as I live in a residential suburb.

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