Are you overqualified for this position?

The interviewer may also ask you something along the lines of “Are you not overqualified for this position?” or “Aren’t you too overqualified for this job?”

This can be a tricky question to answer, as you can’t say yes that you are overqualified, because that might show that you overestimate yourself or that you think too much of yourself. However, you can’t say that no you are not, because that might make you seem that you have low self-esteem, that you don’t think much about yourself, or you may even come across as desperate and willing to settle for any job even if it is below your level.

So, how do you answer this question? Extremely carefully. You need to find the perfect balance between yes and no, as you can’t answer either. One option to do this is to give a vague answer that neither confirms yes or no. The downside to this sort of answer is that depending on the interviewer, it may be seen as too wishy-washy, and you may come across as unable to commit to an answer. Hence, it is highly recommended that you practice the answer thoroughly before going in for the interview.

Another option in front to you is to commit to an answer, whether yes or no, and then justify it accordingly. If do not justify it adequately, you may be seen negatively, due to the reasons stated above.

Either answer is fine as long as it addresses the interviewer’s concern that if hired you may not be satisfied with the job, or that you will feel that you aren’t challenged enough, which may make you unsatisfied and look to change jobs. Alternately, they may also believe that there might be a reason why you can’t just a position for your level. Hence you need to show that that is not the case, and that you would be excited to join the company. If you put the interview’s concerns to rest, then you’ve beaten the question.


While it may appear so, I do believe that every position and company have the ability to teach us something new and different. In my previous position I was adequately handling sales, and while this job requires that as well, it also entails handling some digital marketing, where my experience is somewhat limited. Hence, I am very excited at the opportunity to learn and add that to my repertoire.

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