What kind of questions do they ask in Group Discussions?

Group Discussions (GD) have become a common technique for interviewers to pinpoint potential employees. Companies tend to see dozens or even hundreds of employees for certain job applications. They simply do not have the time and neither can they afford to interview each and every candidate. This is where Group Discussions help them; they allow them to see the candidates together in groups of 5 to 12, and allow them to see which one deserves the time and effort of a face-to-face interview.

The Group Discussions are nothing more than just a discussion on a topic that has been assigned by the moderators. However, they are looking for the presence of certain characteristics on the basis of which they will decide whether or not to invite the applicant back for an interview. Some of the many skills they are looking for include confidence, ability to speak clearly and to get your point across, analytical and problem solving skills, discussion skills, how you act under pressure, your level of knowledge, and many other aspects of your personality.

In order to pinpoint these characteristics, the interviewers like to ask controversial topics; this can include political, social, cultural, technical, or any combination of these four and even other topics. They are likely to pick something that is currently relevant as this can show whether or not you are aware about what is going on around the world today.

These controversial topics are also more likely to put you on the spot as you would have to balance your own opinions and what you can and cannot say, which is why they may often include topics in regard to racism, sexism, or classism, as well as topics that reflect the current political or cultural climate., such as ethics, tradition, westernization, globalization, morality, etc.

While, it is nearly impossible to know which topic the moderators may choose, you can bet it will be controversial and related to topics that are currently relevant. The only way to prepare for these topics is to just keep abreast of current topics, as well as what is happening in the news around the world. Other than that just speak confidently, state you opinions, and try to stand out from the crowd. This should guarantee you an interview at least.

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