How to prepare for Group Discussions (GD)?

Basically, you can’t.  Group Discussions (GD) are popular primarily because there is no way that applicants can prepare for them; this is what allows the interviewers to see the candidates at their core when they are least prepared and guarded. 

Most moderators will pick topics that are culturally or politically relevant today. Hence, you should be aware of what is going on in the world around you. In addition to knowing about these topics you have some opinions or facts about them ready, which will at least ensure that you won’t be completely caught off guard.

In addition to that, you should also practice speaking confidently and be prepared to share your opinions with other people. In addition to being confident, you should also remain calm and collected. GDs are often in risk of turning into an argument, which you should never be a part of. You should be able to calmly share and defend your opinions, with facts if possible.

In a proper discussion, one should listen to what the other people are saying, and then negate and counter their points. To do this one should be able to think analytically and make logical connections. You should also be able to lead from one point to another. Hence, practice having logical and controversial discussions with friends and family members. If you feel that you no one you can attempt this with, you can also join a forum or a chat room, or sometime just making a comment under a Facebook Post or an Article can lead to a heated discussion, which could a lesson in how to keep your cool.

However, don’t worry, in the end the only objective is to stand out from the crowd and preferably in a good way. As long as you make as impression on the moderators and interviewers, then you should clear the GD round and make it on to the interview round.

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