Dos and Don'ts in Group Discussions

Group Discussions (GDs) can be hectic, and they are not helped by the fact that your performance in a group discussion will decide whether or not you will be called back for an interview. As if interviews weren’t bad enough, you now have to prove your worth in the GD first, and all over again in the interviews.

There are is no specific way to practice for a GD, as the topic selected by the moderators will be random, and each moderator might be looking for different qualities during the GD. However, here are some tips that you should keep in mind and that will hopefully help you succeed in the GD and make a good impression on the moderators.

Some of these points might seem obvious and part of common courtesy. However, you’ll be surprised how many of these mistakes occur on a regular basis, not only in GDs but in real life. It in the nervousness and the heat of the moment many make mistakes and at times just a single mistake might cost you the position.



  • Do dress well in formal but comfortable attire
  • Do carry a pen and notebook to take notes
  • Do greet the moderators and your fellow members
  • Do sit up straight
  • Do speak calmly and clearly
  • Do try to participate
  • Do try to make a good point
  • Do allow others speak
  • Do respect the other participants
  • Do try to start the discussion
  • Do try to support your arguments with facts and figures
  • Do acknowledge and agree with a point whenever applicable
  • Do disagree politely whenever applicable
  • Do frame the point in your mind before speaking out loud
  • Do try to stay on point
  • Do try to listen to the other points
  • Do try to make eye contact with the other members of the group
  • Do try to show your knowledge and information on the topic
  • Do try to show that you are well read and stay informed about current events
  • Do speak more than once.
  • Do try to conclude the discussion
  • Do try to summarize all the points when concluding
  • Do be natural and true to yourself


  • Don’t dress in casual or laid back clothing
  • Don’t slouch
  • Don’t be nervous or make nervous gestures such as playing with your hair or clothes, shaking your leg, or tapping on the table
  • Don’t shout
  • Don’t argue
  • Don’t start the discussion if you are not well informed about the topic
  • Don’t say anything, just for the sake of saying something.
  • Don’t talk too much.
  • Don’t keep too quite
  • Don’t make up facts and figures
  • Don’t try to show off
  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Don’t fumble or confuse your points
  • Don’t speak off topic
  • Don’t point, wag your figure, or bang the table when speaking
  • Don’t rely too much on personal experience or anecdote
  • Don’t keep looking at the moderators
  • Don’t embarrass other members of the group
  • Don’t ask someone to speak if they don’t want to
  • Don’t try to be the funny one
  • Don’t make jokes, and especially not at someone else’s expense
  • Don’t change your sides too often
  • Don’t try to be someone you are not

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