Which are the different layers that define cloud architecture?

Which are the different layers that define cloud architecture?

The Cloud Computing architecture is defined by several layers. These layers allow for better operational efficiency. Basically, they allow the architecture to be more organized, while also being able to be managed from one place.

CLC or Cloud Controller – top most level; used to manage the virtualized resources like servers, network and storage with the user APIs.

Walrus – used for storage; acts as a storage controller to manage the demands of the users; maintains a scalable approach to control the virtual machine images and user data.

Cluster Controller or CC– used to control all the virtual machines for executions. The virtual machines are stored on the nodes and manages the virtual networking between Virtual machines and external users.

Storage Controller or SC– block-form storage device; dynamically attached by Virtual machines.

Node Controller or NC– lowest level; provides the functionality of a hypervisor that controls the VMs activities, which includes execution, management and termination of many instances.

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