What are the causes of building collapse?

Things happen that can lead to disaster. While it is the job of a civil engineer to create structurally sound buildings, it does not meant that the building will always stay standing. Here are the main reasons that can lead to the collapse of a building:

  • The foundations are too weak – good foundation work is expensive, hence a builder might cut corners to save some costs which can result in the collapse of the building
  • Shoddy building materials – another place where a builder can cut costs is in the quality of materials used. If the quality is not up to mark, it may result in the collapse of the building.
  • Shoddy work – skilled workers also come expensive. Hence, it is not unlikely to get workers that do not have that much experience or so not know what they are doing. Alternately, even the most skilled workers can make mistakes.
  • Too much load – If a building is used for a purpose it is not designed, then it may collapse under the weight.
  • Passage of time – the passage of time wreaks havoc on everything, including building. As buildings get old, so the materials and its foundations making them more likely to collapse.
  • Natural Disasters - earth quakes, hurricanes, typhoons, soil liquefaction, etc. are just some of the acts of God that are lead to the collapse of a building.

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