Why is C Programming Language so popular?

C is one of the oldest programming languages to be still in use. Since, its development, it has constantly been in use. The reason for this popularity of C is firstly the fact that it has been around practically forever. Hence, it is tried and tested. Being one of the first language, it also has widespread adoptability.

Another reason for the flexibility of C is that it is also quite flexible for use in memory management. Programmers have the choice of how, when, and where to allocate and deallocate memory. In C programming, memory can be allocated statically, automatically, or dynamically.

Also, as C was designed to be implemented on the Unix operating system, most of the Unix kernel has been written in C. Also, as most operating systems today have been developed on the basis of Unix, this means that C can be implemented on those as well.

C is also a good choice for system-level programming. However, it is not perfect. C also has low-level accessibility, including native support for inline Assembler for even greater optimization.  No other language extant, other than C++, offers the full spectrum from high-level abstraction to low-level control.

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