What are the main reasons to use C# language?

C# was developed from the C and C++ programming language. Hence, it intended to be an improvement over these two. C# is a simple and elegant programming language that is type-safe. It is an object-oriented programming language (OOP), unlike C, and thus has many characteristics of OOP, which C does not.

C# is developed by Microsoft, and thus its primary usage is to write .NET applications. It also supports existing code integration via COM/Platform support. It has native garbage collection and allows the treatment of class-methods' signatures as free functions and leading to more dynamic and flexible relationships between classes.

C# also has a huge standard library of functions that are easy to use and implement. It also allows native code blocks, as well as easily remedy of DLL problems through assembly versioning.

C# is also highly portable especially for those that are familiar with C and C++.

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