What are the differences between C and C#?

C# was originally developed by borrowing concepts from C and C++. However, it was built up from the ground up as a separate language. The primary difference between the two programming languages is the fact that while C is a procedure oriented programming language, C# adds the features of object-oriented programming language (OOP) to it, thus making it a multi-paradigm programming language.



C is a procedure oriented programming language.

C# is a multi-paradigm programming language as it has concepts of both procedure oriented programming and object-oriented programming.

Top down approach

Bottom up approach

More suitable for system programming apps, hardware apps, embedded device and chip designing

Suitable for apps development and web apps development

Deals with four basic data type like int, float, double and char.

Deals with five data types: int, float, double, char, and Booleans.

32 keywords

87 keywords

One type of integral

Two type of integrals: char type and whole number which can be signed or unsigned.

Can be compiled on any platform

Can be compiled primarily on Windows

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