How do you reset the BIOS password, when you forget it?

How do you reset the BIOS password, when you forget it?

If one has forgotten the BIOS password, the only way to reset it is by resetting the entire BIOS or CMOS settings. The ideal way to reset the BIOS or CMOS settings would be to use the BIOS menu to reset it to factory settings; however this cannot be done as it would be impossible to log into the BIOS without the password to access the menu. This only leaves the option of a hard reset.

There are two ways to hard reset the BIOS and CMOS. One it by removing the CMOS Motherboard Jumper and the other is by removing the CMOS battery. Both require the computer to be switched off and unplugged from the power source. One must now open up the case and access the motherboard. Ensure that you are grounded before working on the motherboard so as to avoid damaging the motherboard with static electricity.

Now find and remove either the motherboard jumper or the CMOS battery. Both should be located close to each other. If working with the jumper, remove the jumper from the pins and move it over to another set of pins. Now press and hold the power button without plugging the computer back in to discharge any remaining electricity in the superconductors. Then move the jumper back to its original position and turn the computer on.

Now, if working with the battery, remove the battery, and press and hold the power button. Then replace the battery and turn the computer back on. This will require the reconfiguration of the BIOS settings.

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