What are the disadvantages of AJAX?

Ajax is a widely used web development technique. Hence, like everything else it has a set of advantages and disadvantages. The following are a set of disadvantages of AJAX:

  • It is dependent on JavaScript
  • Is more complex than building classic web application
  • Can increase design and development time
  • It has certain security issues
  • Source code is easily human readable
  • All files are downloaded at client side, is a security issue
  • It is difficult to debug
  • It increases the size of the requests
  • Has a slow and unreliable network connection
  • Has a problem with browser back button when using AJAX enabled pages
  • Search Engine like Google cannot index AJAX pages.
  • JavaScript disabled browsers cannot use the application.
  • Can only use it to access information from the host that served the initial page
  • Not possible to display information from another server

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