What are all the controls of Ajax?

What are all the controls of Ajax?

The AJAX server controls add script to the page which is executed and processed by the browser. In addition, they also have methods and event handlers that are processed on the server side. This is similar to other ASP.NET server controls.

The following are all the controls of Ajax:

  • The ScriptManager Control – is the most important control. Has basic syntax. It must be present on the page for other controls to work. It manages client script for AJAX-enabled ASP.NET web pages.
  • The ScriptManagerProxy control – Enables nested components such as content pages and user controls to add script and service references to pages when a ScriptManager control is already defined in a parent element.
  • The UpdatePanel Control – is a container control and derives from the Control class. It initiates the post asynchronously and updates just that portion of the page. It also provides feedback to the browser. Allows for a partial-page update, and the building of rich, client-centric web applications.
  • The UpdateProgress control – manages the upgradation of the panel controls. It provides status information about partial-page updates in UpdatePanel controls.
  • The Timer Control – used to initiate the post back automatically at defined intervals. This could be done by Setting the Triggers property of the UpdatePanel control or by placing a timer control directly inside the UpdatePanel to act as a child control trigger. It can enable partial-page updates at a defined interval, as well as post the whole page.

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