How To Quit Your Job

We all dream of a day where we will just go up to our boss, say I quit and leave the office behind forever.  So, how should you go about quitting your job, and that too in such as matter as to not burn bridges or hamper your future career prospects.

How To Negotiate Your Salary

Salary is and should be an important factor in our careers. After all, what’s the point of working at a job if it can’t help you pay all your bills and then some. In that regard, here are some tips to help you negotiate your salary.

10 Questions you should ask in a Job Interview

Here is a list of ten questions that you should ask in a Job Interview. Whether you can’t think of a question, or are afraid to ask the one you have in mind, you can always start with these. After all, any information you can get is helpful, right?

How to Talk about Weaknesses in a Job Interview

What are your weaknesses? Who hasn’t heard of this question in an interview? And it leaves us flabbergasted every time? Most people struggle with this question, in fact people often list this is one of the most difficult question to answer in an interview. So, what should you do? How should you answer this question?

7 Tips to Land a Better Job

What if there was a way, a magical, mysterious way, that could help us land our dream job? Is it possible, you wonder? How can it be done, you ask? Well, simply by following these seven tips.

Signs that you won't get an offer

You spend days fretting nervously and prepping for the interview.  Afterwards, you think that you’ve done well and they say that they’ll call you soon. But you spend the next few days and even weeks anticipating the call that never comes and you are visually distressed and disappointed. In that regard, here are some signs that may indicate whether or not you may get an offer: