7 Tips to Land a Better Job

What if there was a way, a magical, mysterious way, that could help us land our dream job? Is it possible, you wonder? How can it be done, you ask? Well, simply by following these seven tips.

Signs that you won't get an offer

You spend days fretting nervously and prepping for the interview.  Afterwards, you think that you’ve done well and they say that they’ll call you soon. But you spend the next few days and even weeks anticipating the call that never comes and you are visually distressed and disappointed. In that regard, here are some signs that may indicate whether or not you may get an offer:

7 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

Even if you think the interview went well, there is no way of knowing whether the interviewer thought the same thing, and what the interviewer thinks is the most important thing, isn’t it. So, fere are 7 signs that may indicate whether or not an interview went well.

Tips to succeed in a Video Interview

It is a changing world out there, and while it was given that an interview would be the traditional one, that is no longer the case. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is possible for phone interviews and video interviews. In that regard, here are some tips to succeed or beat a video interview:

Different Types of Interviews

There was once a simple time when you were called in for an interview, sat down with someone who asked you some questions, and then you were on your way. However, things are no longer than simple. So, in regard to the changing atmosphere of business, let’s look at the different types of interviews you may have to take in order to get that next great job.

Job Interview: Do's and Don'ts

Regardless of how much time you have spent preparing for an interview, the task remains as difficult as always. So to help everyone out, there is a quick list of Do's and Don'ts for a Job Interview.